Wasteland Kings

We are in a bitter struggle. Temptation, evil, and despair crashes in on us from every front. Some days I want to give up and head for a beach to spend the rest of my days.

This desire weakens when I remember we are winning.

I heard this line in a movie the other day and it struck deep. It reminded me of our mission to spread light among the world. Though darkness may attack without relent, the forces of light are still winning.

Many do not recognize this though. Half of the time, I don’t recognize it. Those periods of time are defined by confusion, frustration, and bitterness.

Then I take my place on the battle lines against evil. There I see God move in ways I would never have imagined. I see the wonders of God’s victories over evil.

The broken is remade into something beautiful. Crippling wounds are healed until they are but scars. Prisoners of addiction become ministers of freedom.

Cultural agendas can normalize sin. Tyrants can rattle their sabers or shed blood with them. The deeper the darkness, the greater our light will contrast against it.

We will win.

The book of Revelations makes it quite clear our victory is assured. Failure is not an option because it cannot happen. We do have the option of giving into fear and worry.

When look away from the source of our victory and look down at the waters like Peter, our confidence falters. The promise of victory doesn’t diminish. The possibility of drowning in fear and worry arises.

The best way to fix this problem is to look up again. I don’t know of another way to rise above the worries and fears of this life. Staring upon our dearest friend saves us from drowning and doesn’t stop there.

It encourages us to join in His mission. The love we experience in our relationship with Him fuels our love for other people. This love burns inside us and creates a light people cannot ignore.

The darker our world becomes, the more people will desire the love, confidence, and hope we experience. Even if some give up the faith and our lights dwindle, those in darkness will value the light even more.

A person may pass by a rose in a flower shop without giving it a single thought. The same person will marvel at a rose sprouting in a wasteland. The newest of Christians sprouting from the love of Christ can on their own give others a powerful hope.

This power can lead them to change and become a rose themselves.

I’ve seen it myself. It took me off guard the first few times because I assumed most people couldn’t change. I was wrong.

The truth is the light of God’s love can change people and is changing them. The darkness of evil might be on the march and taking plenty of ground. It’s only paving the way for it’s demise.

Every victory for evil makes our need for the love of God more obvious. Chaos and destruction have abounded in our land and abroad. They have also tilled the soil and prepared the way.

God has planted the seeds in the hearts of our neighbors. Our one task is to deliver the message and reap the reward of watching God’s victory become complete.

We are winning. I can’t say it enough.

Image Copyright: holdosi

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