Wasteland Kings

On the surface level, I look like a pretty normal guy whose got his life together. This surface level actually disguises the mess of a man with a desperately broken heart. I need healing like my body needs air and when you get to know me you start to realize why.

You can’t see my wounds and brokenness on the surface level of things and yet I express them all the same in other less obvious ways.

When an animal is wounded they cry out. They do this to draw the attention of those that might come to their aid. Younger animals do this to get the attention of their parents and receive their aid. I have a wounded heart, a deeply wounded heart.

While you cannot hear a cry for help escape my lips, I call out for help in other ways.

I call out with an addiction to porn. I call out with co-dependency, which is really just an addiction to people. I call out with an obsession to success.

These cries come from my desperation. I am wounded and know that I don’t have the strength to keep moving on my own. I go to these things because I know that I need help and my desperation causes me to seek help in any way that I can.

Animals know that crying out invites danger because it alerts predators to their location. They continue to cry out because the pain of their wounds and the severity of their problems makes them desperate. They choose to do whatever they can to find help.

I’ve cried out so many times because I thought some new pleasure or person might give me the help that I need. When I really wanted a dating relationship and felt lonely, I hoped porn would give me the help that I needed. I also tried to buy my way into friendships with gifts and affection because of my loneliness.

Neither of these helped to heal my heart. I didn’t give up though, I simply assumed that I hadn’t experienced enough pleasure or made enough friends. I simply cried louder and grabbed for more of what this world could offer me.

A wounded animal does not act in a rational way, nor does a wounded heart.

For years, I assumed that a girlfriend would give me all of the satisfaction that I desired. They don’t by the way; I found that out the hard way. After coming to this realization my despair grew and I started to grab for more and more worldly things.

Thankfully, God reached in and grasped my hand and touched my heart before I could bring more trouble onto myself. God worked through some of His children to give me some hard truths and show me that He understood my wounded heart far better than I did. He heard my cry all along and had come to help me.

Before then, I had ignored His constant pursuit of me and sought other sources of comfort and pleasure.

That’s why I say that my situation had resembled a wounded animal. Even when rescuers come to help a wounded animal, it often tries to escape them or keep them from attending to the injury. I did this with God because I didn’t want to face the brokenness and wounds of my heart.

It’s not enough to just believe that God exists. It’s not enough to just believe that He wants to help. We must give up on our attempts to find help anywhere but in Him.

He is the only one that can give us the healing that we need and our cries of desperation will only grow until we humble ourselves and give our hearts to Him.

The first step in humility comes from recognizing these cries of desperation for what they are. We politely overlook the cries of gossip and porn and this does all of us an incredible disservice. It would be unthinkable to ignore the cries of a wounded child and yet we do that to God’s children every day.

I can’t guarantee that those children will be glad when you try to love them and help them with their wounds; I kicked back at multiple attempts to help me. I can guarantee that it’s unloving to do anything else. He cares about His children, that includes YOU, more than you can imagine and He brought their cries to your attention so that you would help them.

To be clear, you do not hold the responsibility for fixing anyone. We do have the responsibility for recognizing a cry of desperation when we hear it and trying to get the crying child back to their Parent. He is the only one who can still their cry and heal their hearts.

We must look past the surface level of people’s lives and tune our ears to the cries of the desperate. This may scare us and overwhelm us and yet it represents a vital part of loving those around us. There is no other way to genuinely start helping the children of God.

Image Copyright: Vinoth Chandar

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