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Have you recently felt unsure of yourself, afraid, or anxious? I have. The circumstances of my personal life and the world around me have made me feel anxious and robbed me of my confidence.

This combination of circumstances and feelings have at times made me feel like I’m grasping for straws or scrambling to keep up with everything. I desperately want answers to the questions which assail me and to assuage these difficult feelings. The answers still seem beyond my reach and no comfort is enough to deal with all of my feelings.

The only thing which has truly helped has been hope.

It has been a guiding light in the darkness and it has come from an interesting source. The change I’ve experienced in my heart and the resulting peace and joy has provided a hope which helps me face the difficulty of my circumstances and emotions. I did not expect this to be the solution.

I am a fixer by nature. When I approach a problem, I try to break down all the variables and angles until I have a solution which achieves the results I want. This approach sounds great in theory and has broken down almost every time I attempted to apply it in real life.

True results have come instead when something in me changed. Those changes didn’t always change my circumstances and yet they brought hope and a new attitude. My freedom from pornography is a good example of this.

While enslaved to porn, my addiction impacted me even when I wasn’t falling to temptation. I rarely had a good attitude and I suffered from many emotional rollercoasters. I did not have hope to help me make it through the storms of this life.

Those storms threw me about until I was lost in their midst.

Hope came when Jesus love shone through other people and He started to free me from porn. This prison break from my addiction taught me God was stronger than that which is stronger than me. This single truth is the foundation of my hope and has created a guiding light for me in the darkest of times.

I recently started working through a 12-step program at my church and it can be a real struggle. In working through sin patterns, old wounds come up and a hurricane of emotions follow. This hurricane throws me about and threatens to affect me in a similar way as my addiction.

The only thing which helps me stay true is my hope in Christ.

He is greater than the hurricane and He is constant, stable, and good when the winds of this world throw me one way or the other. As I go through this 12-step program, I know He’s next to me and He will be there for me no matter what happens. I also know He has the power to change my heart.

You might assume God freed me from pornography by giving me a greater will power or just leading me to the point where I installed Covenant Eyes. While both of those helped, something more important led to my real freedom. God changed my heart to desire what He says is good instead of pornography and lust.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. – Romans 12:2 ESV

This change taught me how God can change other things in my life. Whether they be circumstances or powerful emotions, many things overwhelm me. God showed me He’s bigger than those things and that I can trust Him to lead me through my struggles with them.

Learning this truth and having this trust gives me hope even when storms beat down on me. This hope serves as a guiding light and sometimes it has been the only light I’ve had.

Chaos abounds in our world and in our hearts. I know from experience how easy it is to feel lost in the hurricane and to despair. The single and constant light of God can change everything and will if you let it.

Do you feel overwhelmed by your life or just unsure which direction to go? Do you know someone whose struggling in the midst of a great storm? Would you be open to allowing Jesus to be a guide in the midst of the chaos to you or those you know?

If you’d like to discuss this post or anything going on in your life, feel free to email me at comments@wastelandkings.net. Also, if there’s someone you know who could benefit from anything I’ve discussed or referred to in this post or another, I encourage you to reach out to them. Even if you must copy these words down and just tell them you heard them somewhere, I encourage you to share with others the only hope which can help us through every storm.

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