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This is the first blog of a weekly series called ‘The Life of a Wanderer’. I plan on continuing to write my usual blogs for Monday and then post a blog for this series on Thursdays.

This series will focus on what God is teaching me in that week or season of my life. I chose the word wanderer for the title because I don’t know where God is going to take me. The only thing I’m certain of is that He won’t take me there in a straight line. 

I sometimes struggle with the way my story has played out so far because it seems the only pattern is change. This frustrates me because it appears that other people have stories with a gradual progression from one stage of life to the next. My life feels more like a roller coaster than a progression.

Not all who wander are lost. – J.R.R. Tolkien

Tolkein’s quote lands deeply in my heart because it tells me that the apparent lack of structure in my story does not mean I’m lost. It reminds me that God wrote me a story and He wants to walk through that story with me. I often lose sight of this truth though.

A couple weeks ago I attended a writer’s conference to improve my writing skills and possibly get a publisher interested in my work. The first goal came to fruition and the second did not. I had conversations with multiple people to get the ball rolling and unfortunately the ball went nowhere.

My lack of success made me feel very lost and unsure of where I should go with my writing and career. God stepped in and fixed the first part of that problem without addressing the second part. He worked through a friend and convinced me to take a class at the conference about the heart of a writer.

This class taught me that God enjoys my writing and not because it’s going to change the world or make me really successful. He enjoys it because it’s something fun that we can do together. That really surprised me and lightened the heavy weight on my shoulders.

Up till this point, writing felt kind of like tediously threading the needle because I wanted so badly to write about the right truths and explain them in the absolute best way. This desire for perfection created a really heavy weight on my shoulders. It slowed down my ability to write and stole the simple joy of writing from me.

Words can’t do a fitting job describing what it’s like to slowly drop that weight off my shoulders.

As that weight comes off, I’ve started to see that I can take multiple writing paths and that they don’t have to end in great success. They all involve writing that honors Him of course, I don’t plan on writing anything trashy or perverse. I do plan on enjoying whatever path that I take.

My need for perfection used to drive me like a slave master while God calls me onwards the same way my friends invite me on an exciting journey. This writing journey will likely involve curving paths, low valleys, and high mountains but all of those will be apart of the excitement because I’ll go through all of that with God.

In the past, I’ve become frustrated with my story because I felt like I was lost. Now I know that as long as God’s with me I’ll never be lost.

If you could explore a new land without having to worry about getting lost, would you? When was the last time your life felt like an adventure? Do you want it to?


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