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Hey Everybody,

In about a week, I’ll be on a plane headed for Ethiopia. I’m going with the organization e3 Partners to evangelize to those who don’t have Jesus in their life. I’m excited about this incredible opportunity and looking forward to stepping foot on that plane.

I’ve been training once a month since last November and working on quite a few things. Our team has trained how to use the evangicube, give our testimony, and discuss the differences between our faith and other beliefs like Orthodox Christianity and Islam. It’s been a time consuming effort over these months, but I’ve appreciated it.

I feel more ready to tell people about Jesus than I ever have in the past.

When our team met for the first time, they asked us what we wanted to get out of the trip. I shared my desire to get over the fear and anxiety of sharing my faith here in Dallas. While I want to tell the people of Ethiopia about Jesus and bring them hope, I recognize my primary mission field sits much closer to where I call home.

I’ll spend one week of this year in Ethiopia and another fifty in Dallas. It would be a tragedy to live on mission for God for only one of those weeks and spend the rest building my own kingdom. Truth be told I’ve watched such a tragedy play out in front of me for years.

I spend most of my days focused on myself and trying to improve my own life instead of working to bring God glory. While I shouldn’t beat myself up with guilt, I do need a change in perspective; maybe even a heart change. I want to see each day as an opportunity to leverage my strengths for God and His Kingdom.

With that perspective, my choices, attitude, and life would look very different.

A change in my heart or perspective is not something I can do on my own though. Only God has the power to makes those changes and trying to force it will just end in frustration. That said, I hope this trip will soften my hard heart and give me a taste of what it’s like to live on mission for God each day.

The softening of my heart might open the way for God to create change in my heart and the taste of mission life could remind me how much I want God to change my heart. It’s easy for me to write about wanting a change in heart or perspective and quite difficult to ask God for change each day. If the seven months of training and weeklong trip help make that prayer any easier, all of it will have been worthwhile.

I won’t be working on this blog while I’m on the trip and that means I won’t have original posts from June 15-22. I might write some blog posts for our team while on the trip though. If that happens, I’ll post a link to those posts on my site.

Either way, I’m looking forward to writing about the trip and what God will show me. Be sure to check back at the end of this month for those posts. Until we get to those posts, I challenge you to ask God about your heart and whether your focus is on yourself or His kingdom.

I don’t want to make you guilt yourself, I just want you to take some time for serious reflection. Let me know how this challenge goes in the comments or an email.

Image Copyright: Maurice Chedel

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