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This is the intro to my chapter about pornography and it’s negative effects on our hearts. This is also the last book preview, at least for awhile. I’m done with the book and I’m going to take some time off from working on the book and blogs to decompress a little. That means I won’t post anything new for a few weeks. I WILL BE BACK on April 6th though. Be sure to check the site on that day for my newest blog. Until then, God bless and have a great few weeks. 

The Judgment of an Addict

Back in the day, I used to see drug addicts and alcoholics in movies or tv shows and not really understand their predicament. I honestly saw addiction a sign of weakness. The irony is that I thought all of this while my addiction to pornography grew. I wouldn’t have described myself as an addict back in the day because that word terrified me. I assumed that using that word was something like a social death sentence. I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s not. Anyone who think they’re better than you because you’re an addict is not worth your time.

Back to my point, I stared in confusion and judgment at junkies while my own addiction grew each day. It wasn’t until I started writing this chapter that I started to understand how I judged addicts while I became one. When I looked at addicts, I wondered how they could keep on doing something that they knew was hurting them and the people around them so much. I wasn’t confused why they went back to the drugs, I was confused on why they went back knowing the consequences. This shallow perspective of sin came into play when I looked at my friends’ actions as well. When my friends partied or hooked up, I wondered why they did things that they knew would bring big consequences.

The problem with my perspective was that I only looked at the consequences of their sin and not the cause or the simple fact that it was sin. This is important because in this chapter about sex and porn we’re going to talk about the invisible consequences of pre-marital sex and sin. I am not going to talk about them in order to scare anyone out of sex or make them feel bad about the porn that they watch. Instead of talking about the consequences of sin, I want  to show that God understands what’s going on in our broken hearts and why we run to the sinful pleasures of the world to satisfy our hearts or distract us. I am going to point out what part our broken hearts play in sex and how sex impacts our broken hearts. The point of this is to show that God really does understand things better than us and that His commands come from a place of love because He wants to protect us.

It’s vitally important to point out the difference between avoiding consequences and acknowledging our broken hearts because I focused on the first one for years. My attempts to manage my sin and the consequences of my sin actually blinded me from the depth of my addiction and kept me from experiencing God. This is an important difference to point out when it comes to sex because we can be so judgmental when it comes to this subject. Many of us judge people having pre-marital sex while we’re stuck in addiction to porn; I know because I used to be that way. We’ve got to shift our focus from the consequences of other people’s sin to the emotional and spiritual consequences of our own sin.

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